Weight Loss Plateaus - How to Bust Through Them and Get Results

One of the hardest things someone on a fat loss diet has to face is a weight loss plateau. Nothing is more frustrating then when you've been following your fat loss diet and then progress comes to a screeching halt.

You think you are doing everything right, but alas, that scale is just not moving - at all.

What do you do then?

Learning what you need to do in order to bust through a weight loss plateau will be vital to your success.

Here are plateau busting tips.

Change Your Weight Loss Workouts

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Your body loves its comfort zone. The only problem is that when you're in your comfort zone for too long, you stop getting weight loss results.

Therefore, in order to spike change again, you should switch up your fat loss workout program. Either add a different exercise, switch the order of the current exercises, do a different number of reps, or use a different weight setting.

All will get that body responding again.

Evaluate Your Weight Loss Diet

One important thing that many people don't realize is that as they go about the weight loss process, their daily calorie needs are going to change. No longer are they going to require quite the same amount of calories they initially did, so it's critical to continually monitor your intake.

You might have reached a point now where your intake is too much for your current body weight, therefore reducing them back would be to your great benefit.

Have a Diet Cheat Day

Believe it or not, one of the biggest reasons people experience a weight loss plateau is because their metabolism is stalled. It's stuck on super slow speed and makes further fat loss next to impossible.

The solution to this is to actually have a meal or two where you consume far more calories, thus signaling to your body that it can speed up its metabolism.

That is then what sparks fat loss moving again.

So, keep these three points in mind. If you're struggling on your weight loss diet, it might just be time you did something different. After all, who wants to spend time not getting results?

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