Body Weight Loss - Revealed Facts to Losing Your Excessive Body Weight Fast

Body weight loss is different from other types of weight loss because it means overall weight loss. This type of weight loss is not specific to water weight or muscle weight, it is just about overall weight. So how do you lose body weight? It's not that different from losing other types of weight.

Exercise is key to body weight loss but keep in mind that exercise will cause you gain weight initially. Yes, you read that correctly. It is not because exercise makes you fat, obviously, but because muscle weighs more than fat. As you exercise you tone muscle and gain muscle mass, this mass will cause the scale to go up because the mass is heavier. You are losing fat when you exercise, so don't be discouraged if you start a regular exercise program and two weeks into it feel great, look better and thinner, but notice the scale hasn't changed or has moved up a pound or two.

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Diet is also key to body weight loss. That doesn't mean go eat grapefruit twice a day for fifteen days and nothing else. I don't mean go on a diet. I mean change your diet. There's nothing wrong with a serving of ice cream on occasion or a candy bar on occasion. If we don't indulge our cravings a little from time to time they consume us and we tend to purge on food rather than eat a little once in a while. So dieting is not what I'm talking about. I'm talking about a better overall diet. Most of don't eat enough fruits and vegetables. So, eat more! In addition to vitamins and minerals, a lot of vegetables have high amounts of proteins in them that are better for you than the protein in your lunch meat or the steak you had for dinner last night. That doesn't mean don't eat meat, it just means substitute your proteins a few times a week because meat protein is high in fat.

Finally, water is important to body weight loss as well. Most of us don't drink enough water and that weight retention we get sometimes is because we don't drink enough water. Our bodies store excess water to prevent dehydration- so drink up! Get lots of water and if you are starting an exercise program, drink even more water. Stay hydrated and help your body pass the stuff it doesn't need.

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