A Healthier Me 101 - Are You an Idiot About Weight Loss?

If you are like me, you have tried everything in the book to lose weight. There are so many variations on the weight loss theme, I have trouble remembering what goes with what! I might have lost a few pounds here or there, but in the end I felt like a failure, thinking "I'm an idiot for thinking this was going to be the diet to end all diets". If you are in the same boat, jumping from one diet to another, read on to truly discover the right way to lose weight. Let me re-phrase that, read on to discover what you need to do to re-program your body and lose weight in the process. There are certain myths or false beliefs about weight loss that we should cover first.

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Misconception #1: Lower Caloric Content = Lower Weight

This was one myth I was caught up in for a long time. One would think if you eat less, your caloric intake is less and subsequently you lose weight. We take our bodies for granted too often. We do not have control over our bodies in the way we might think. If you choose to eat less and take in less calories, the body says, "Whoa! Wait a second here, re-adjust, re-adjust, re-adjust!" You can almost hear the sirens and alarms ringing out. Your body makes adjustments for the lower caloric intake and holds on to the fat stores for later use. You body only sees the present, and discovers less caloric intake and slows down the burning of fat. The weight you thought you would lose by lowering your caloric intake does not occur. The body needs to protect itself. The easiest example is of your friend, thin as a rail, that eats 3 times as much as you do and doesn't gain an ounce. Your first thought is to call her the "B" word, and concede that she has a tape worm or something, maybe a hollow leg! In fact, she is probably eating the amount she needs and in turns burns it off. Now you, on a third of the food, requiring more likely as much as she eats, are being blocked by your body in losing fat stores.

Misconception #2: The Skinny On Fat-Burning Foods

You have heard about the foods that help increase metabolism and in turn speed up losing weight. Research cannot substantiate this completely. Some research has even come to conclude you could GAIN weight eating fat-burning foods! One dieting web site went as far as to say that eating fat-burning foods was only a part of the solution, you still needed regular exercise, lower caloric intake and better food choices. Wait a second. Read that again if you need to. If fat-burning foods is only part of the solution, then they are NOT the solution. There are no true short cuts to dieting, and fat-burning foods is just another diet fad collective trying to get your money. Sure, eat the foods they suggest are fat-burning foods, they are usually good choices anyways, but if you eat too many of them, you are only going to up your caloric content and lose less weight.

Misconception #3: Diet Pills Are Magic

Millions and millions AND millions are spent annually on diet pills and supplements, each claiming they are the magic pill to weight loss. Embarrassingly I have to admit, I was one of those blinded-by-wonder suckers that decided to give them a go. You know that saying, "if it's too good to be true, it probably is"? It is appropriate when we talk about diet pills. When you start any diet, there can be noticeable weight loss to begin with, usually associated with water weight loss. Most people think that the increased weight loss must be the diet pills - WOW! - and continue to take them. Suddenly the body checks in and slams the door on water weight loss to protect itself and any weight loss you observed comes to a screeching halt. The body is going to protect itself at all costs. Did you know that these so called diet wonder drugs can have some serious side effects? Is a diet pill worth the chances for heart failure? I probably could deal with the diarrhea and headaches, but when it comes to heart failure and death I have to put my foot down.

You have to realize that your body is not going to allow for drastic changes. Dieting and losing weight is a combination of many aspects that come together. Eating properly and knowing when and how to eat properly are your starting points to a healthier you. More information on how to proceed in a safe and moderated way can be found below. Don't procrastinate and say you will start your weight loss after the next holiday. Why wait? Your healthy life depends on it.

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