Back to Basics For Rapid Weight Loss

I am sure that you will agree with me when I say that we constantly see the faces of well known celebrities plastered all over the glossy magazines, on television, and even on billboards. They are everywhere we look, and usually the latest fad diet that they are on, or have just recently been on, to lose lots of weight, is featured prominently as well.

The pictures of these famous celebrities look absolutely amazing, obviously after they have been primped and preened, and their pictures airbrushed to remove every single fault and blemish.

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The strange thing is that although we already know about all the touch ups that have been done to these pictures, we still strive for that same perfect image for ourselves. We know in our heart of hearts that these people do not look like that in their everyday lives, but we still put an impossible pressure on ourselves to look like that too. We have the media and their ideas on how we should look to thank for this, plus perhaps not a little of our own vanity.

Obviously your weight plays a big part in this crusade for impossible perfection, but it is equally well known that weight can affect you in many ways other than just your physical appearance. These other ways could include things like your overall quality of life and your self esteem, health risks, and in extreme cases even some physical incapabilities caused as a result of carrying excessive weight.

All of these things can lead to severe depression, but once you start to experience losing some weight, there are a lot of positive changes that can really begin to take place in your life. There is no doubt that your self esteem gets a major boost when you start to lose some weight, and this is one of the major reasons why so many of us are searching for rapid weight loss techniques.

We are all searching for that magical formula which will make it easy for us to get that super slim body that turns other people's heads. The title of this article is "Back to basics for rapid weight loss", and I am listing some of what I consider to be the most important of these below.

It is most important that you consult your doctor if you are in any way worried about your overall health. Make this your first priority, before you even contemplate starting out on any rapid weight loss program or plan. To lose weight fast and effectively, there are some aspects of your life that you will have to change, so come to terms with that fact right at the beginning. You will have to change what you eat, when and how you eat, and most likely your complete behavior and activity levels will require a complete rethink.

Lets get down to the bottom line for those rapid weight loss techniques that will really cut it for you! Achieving that rapid weight loss means attacking it from all angles. It means employing multiple rapid weight loss techniques that consist of using your mindset, doing exercises, and in some other cases, possibly diet supplements.

I personally think that you are always more likely to be successful in the long term, if you can see fast results in the short term. I suggest therefore, that you look for a reliable weight loss plan which is designed to give you rapid weight loss very quickly.

Under no circumstances stay on it for more than a short period of time, because your health will undoubtedly suffer otherwise. The idea here is only to give you motivation from seeing quick results. You will then need to adopt a diet food plan that can both easily fit in with your lifestyle, and at the same time provide the healthy eating regime that you will need to practise over the long term.

In choosing your diet make sure that you take account of some of the basic principles of healthy food choices. They are well known, but worth repeating nevertheless:-

1 - Keep away from fried foods especially deep fried food, as this contains a tremendous amount of fat. If you are on a strict diet, always opt for grilled food as this has the least amount of fat, and preferably you should choose white meat as this has fewer calories.

2 - Center your diet around fruits, vegetables, and nuts. Limit the amount, or avoid cholesterol and animal proteins altogether. Limit or drastically reduce the amount of dairy products that you consume, and eat more fibers for they will make you feel fuller sooner, and will stay in your tummy for longer. Fibre rich foods will also make your digestive system work much more efficiently.

3 - Try to drink a lot of fluid. Drinking at least six to eight glasses of water a day keeps the body refreshed and you will feel fuller. Since weight loss depends on how the body eliminates body waste, the body must stay hydrated. Avoid calorie-containing fluids. Drink clean toxin free water if you are thirsty.

4 - Always eat the minimum amount of food that it takes for your hunger to be satisfied. Try and eat smaller meals more frequently, but obviously only as determined by how hungry you feel.

5 - Train yourself to recognize when eating has continued beyond its nutritional purpose, and employ methods to stop yourself eating. It is important for your body to have the right amount of nutrients, but be certain not to confuse hunger with thirst. You should always finish a meal feeling that you could eat more.

We said previously that as part of an ongoing rapid weight loss program, you will need to up your exercise levels considerably. The immediate vision that this conjures up, is working out for hours in the gym, This certainly works for a lot of people, and I for one have been down that road in the past. I must confess that I did not mind it at all, in fact I rather enjoyed it.

This does take a level of self discipline which is one of the good things about it, but it is not for everyone. My partner for example has so far absolutely refused even to contemplate it, but he is into swimming, golfing, and has recently been doing lots of planned walking.

I personally do not do the gym any longer, but I bought a treadmill and an exercise bike, and I combine these with lots if walking together with my partner. What I am driving at here is that exercise should be done through an activity that you enjoy doing, but whatever it is that you do decide to do, you must do it with a single minded and planned approach, and not just when the mood takes you.

Incorporate an exercise plan into your life that allows at the very very least, thirty minutes a day, like brisk walking, running, swimming, and dancing, ie you do what you want to do, not what others say you should do. Remember though that an exercise program must be suitable for you and your fitness level, always start slowly and keep building up.

As I said you must exercise for at least thirty minutes a day, and that can be by simply walking. walking is a really good way to exercise, but remember it must be a brisk walk where you feel slightly breathless to get maximum effect.

To summarise, always remember to set realistic approaches. The ability to focus and stay motivated will enable you to stick to a healthy eating and exercise regime, and you will quickly lose those extra pounds.

With good self discipline and a proper mind set, you will never be discouraged and lose focus.

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