The Positive Mind - A Key to Successful Weight Loss

The powers of positive thinking are tremendous when it concerns losing weight. If you continue to hold on to negative thoughts, your weight loss efforts could come to a grinding halt. On the other hand, it should come easily to you if you harness the energy from you positive thoughts. Allow me give you an example.

Chances are you consider yourself to be fat; you may even hate yourself for that very reason. Believe it or not, this is the reason why you are unable to lose the weight. Now, reverse that thinking, think yourself to be thin instead. Just suppose the positive affect it can have on your weight loss goals? Your whole outlook and mental attitude can determine your goals. This article reveals the steps to developing a positive mindset and outlined are two key steps that will help you unblock your weight loss barrier.

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1. Determining Why You Want To Lose Weight.

Determine the reason why it is you want to lose weight? Are you doing it for yourself, for your health and wellbeing? Is it merely because you are no longer able to endure the snide remarks from work colleagues, maybe you keep getting rejected by the opposite sex, or is it the longing to look like your favorite celebrity?

No reason is the wrong reason to lose weight and whatever your reason, make sure you own it. Compose a complete list stating exactly why you want to lose weight. No matter how big, or how small your reasons are, make sure you jot them all down onto a piece of paper. This is the first step to breakthrough the barrier.

Once you have your list, make a few copies and post them around your house, in your car or anywhere you are likely to see them. The kitchen is an area where you are most likely to break from your healthy eating plan, so make a point of posting a list on your refrigerator and pantry doors to discourage you from breaking from your healthy eating plan. These lists serve to remind you of your goals and the reasons why you wanted to lose weight in the first place.

2. Setting Realistic Goals

You now know why you want to lose weight, therefore it is time to set yourself some realistic goals to work towards. Now in order to set a weight loss goal you need to know how much weight you want to lose. To do this you will need to determine your ideal body weight, and then subtract that figure from your current body weight.

Now that you know your goal you can set yourself a time frame. It is important to be realistic here. If you have a lot of weight to lose you can't expect to achieve the figure of a supermodel in just a few short weeks. Setting unrealistic goals for yourself will only lead to disappointment, and inevitably your weight loss efforts will come to a grinding halt. For safe and permanent weight loss it is recommended that you lose no more than 1 - 2 pounds per week.

3. Using The Power Of Visualization

Visualization is a very powerful tool that can assist you to work towards your weight loss goals. Every morning before you get up visualize yourself at your desired body weight. Picture your new body, picture yourself wearing a brand new outfit, take notice of how it feels to have lost all of the weight. To assist you with your visualization exercise you may also find pictures of fitness models, celebrities or anyone whom you feel has the body you desire, and then place a picture of your face onto this picture.

The visualization method should not be underestimated as it is a great motivational tool used not only by people wanting to lose weight but also by many of the top athletes and fitness models.

Remember, it is impossible to lose weight overnight. It takes time to transform your negative thoughts into positive ones. Be true to yourself because you are losing weight for yourself, no matter what your underlying factors are, you are doing this is for your health and total wellbeing. So be patient and embrace each positive change in your life as it comes.

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