Diets That Work For Weight Loss and Diets That Don't Work For Weight Loss

I will share with you the principles of diets that work for weight loss and diets that don't work for weight loss. Sometimes people miss and overlook these things, but I want to put them out there to be sure you know the importance of the principles so you don't waste months of your time for little to no weight loss. Take 2 minutes to read this article through and keep these principles in mind while dieting.

Diets that Work for Weight Loss and Diets that Don't Work for Weight Loss

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1. Principles that work

The first principle is that the diet must be high in protein.

High in carbs and high in fat just aren't healthy options. Protein is powerful simply because it is truly part of who you are. You're body is made up of proteins. Protein in meals supercharges your metabolism. It knocks out hunger by suppressing appetite. It's a must in any weight loss diet.

The second principle is that the diet needs to effectively spread out the calories in smaller meals and if possible, front-load those calories earlier in the day. If you eat 2 or 3 big meals a day, your digestive system won't be efficient. It just won't happen. It get backed up. It's much better to eat the same amount of calories, but in more frequent, smaller meals. The added digestive efficiency will help go a long way towards weight loss. Also, if possible, move more of those meals to earlier in the day so your body doesn't become desperate for cravings in the afternoon and after dinner.

2. Principles that don't work

Starving yourself is the first principle. Starving yourself down-regulates your metabolism. Your body will cling to the foods that you do eat. End result... those foods become bodyfat. It's a bodily survival mechanism that's thousands of years old. Don't fight it. Any weight you lose through starvation will pile back on you within a few weeks or months.

The second principle is to NEVER drink your calories, except for in protein shakes. Most liquid calories are empty sugar calories. They're 100% USELESS to you and your body. If you need that sweet taste, use Stevia packets to sweeten your water. They work great and allowed me to stop drinking sodas in 3 days. I haven't looked back too.

Weight loss really isn't that complicated of a thing. I just gave you 2 principles of diets that work for weight loss and 2 principles of diets that don't work for weight loss... use them because they'll take you pretty far.


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