Effective Weight Loss Steps

So you decided you had enough and are ready to lose weight. Probably you started to have weight-related health problems or your extra weight started to affect your social interactions, whatever the reason is. To lose weight effectively you need to determine your weight loss goals and follow a program. Some programs will help you with the goal setting process.

1. Decide what your weight loss goals are. Define a realistic timeframe to lose your extra pounds. You should consider losing no more than 1-3 pounds per week.

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2. Look for a weight loss program. Make sure it doesn't promise quick weight loss: you don't want to lose your health in the process. Decide for the level of support you need. Some people can lose weight with the help of an eBook only - others need full daily support and motivation to stay on track. You have to decide what level of support you need before spending money on weight loss programs.

3. Keep a weight loss diary and document everything you eat, drink and other weight-loss related activities. Some programs provide the template for you. This way you will know where the problem is; what areas need your immediate attention, what old habits need to be replaced.

4. Remember, this is a slow process. Don't get discouraged, continue with the program. If you weigh yourself everyday, stop doing this immediately! Place your scale in a place you can't easily access. Weigh yourself once a week.

5. Drop all your expectations, just go with the flow. If you follow the program you will lose weight so your objective is to follow the program. Some programs will provide you with a tentative daily schedule that you can adjust based on your needs. This will help you to plan your daily activities in advance.

Make a firm decision to do whatever it takes to lose weight and there will be nothing that can stop you.


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