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The best weight loss diet is the one that works for you. Frequently we talk to our friends who are dieting or engaged with some new diet or gimmick that they find works for them. Or we get sucked in by a magazine article promising the world. Off we go and expect the same results. Often we are disappointed and quit when the results aren't forthcoming. Over the years most of us have lost dozens of pounds, only to gain them back when the latest fad diet stopped working or we grew bored with the diet. We need to get off the diet carousel and find the best weight loss diet for us. Emphasis here

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A key rule in finding the best weight loss diet is to throw out the magazines, gimmicks, celebrity junk and go back to basics. For any diet to be effective it must meet several criteria. I think they are:

1. The diet must be balanced with all the food groups represented.

2. It must have sufficient variety so you don't grow bored with it and drop off the diet.

3. It should involve a lifestyle change, not a short term fix to lose weight for some upcoming event like a wedding for example.

4. It should contain a meal planner to make it easy to plan meals and shopping.

5. Other members of the family should be able to use the same program because it has universal principles and values. The family that diets together sticks to the diet together!

6. It must not contain expensive foods and supplements to make it work. It will be out of the reach of the everyday person and you won't be able to stick to it long term.

7. It must include an exercise program that starts off where you are and builds up progressively.

8. Food should be a major component of the program and food that stimulates the metabolism should be identified so you can maximise your weight loss.

I could add more but I think these are simple and easy to follow when you are researching the best weight loss diet for you. The important measure of success for a diet is whether you can stay on it long term when it becomes a new lifestyle and not just a fast fix. Fast fixes lead to yo yo weight loss and gain and ultimately it gets harder and harder to lose the weight you gain when you fall off the diet. As you age your metabolism slows down and losing pounds and inches off you waist gets harder and harder.

I have tried several over the years. The best I have found contains all the above with an online meal planner. It simplifies the process of dieting because the meals are easily plan in advance and it simplifies shopping for food. The exercise program is low impact making it suitable for most people unless they are seriously impaired physically. Most importantly it is a diet program that you can live with in the long term as it becomes a sea change in lifestyle.

Best of all for me is that the best weight loss diet for me has given me more energy, vitality and self confidence than I have ever had before. Now that has to be the best recommendation I can offer.


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