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Do Weight Loss Products Really Work As They Claim?

With weight loss products on the rise, it is very hard to know what is worth the investment. Turn on any TV station and you will see the countless infomercials targeted toward weight loss. There are so many products available that promise to make you loose pounds and inches fast.

Weight Watchers is a company that has been promising weight loss through there devised points system. Each item of food has a designated amount of points. A person is allowed so many points on a daily basis. You must stay within the points allotted for that day. They offer flex points which can be rotated through out the week as needed. This system costs around 44 a month per person depending on the plans. Members attend weekly meetings where they are weighed in to track weight loss. They will provide you with material on the points system, a food calculator, and free snack samples. This system really does work. I have known several people that have lost an average of 50 pounds a piece with Weight Watchers.

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One the best work out DVDs is Turbo Jam. This system is a series of workout videos that promise muscle tone and weight loss. This system is amazing. It is a unique type of core workout that engages all of the muscles of the body. The 20 minute videos were tested 4 days a week for 2 weeks. The results were the best I have received. The weight loss did not change drastically the first few weeks, but the inches were falling off. I could see the results quick. In just a few weeks my pants were looser. I had lost a total of 3 inches. After a 2 month period I was down from a size 12 to an 8. The great thing about this system is all I did was workout. I did not change my eating habits. You can purchase for 79.99 online or from there ads on TV.

Slimfast has been promising buyer extreme weight loss for over 20 years. This is probably one of the oldest weight loss products on the market. Slimfast offers weight loss by drinking two of their shakes a day and having a sensible meal. They offer a variety of flavors like strawberry, vanilla, and chocolate. This system did not work for me. I felt terrible the whole time that I used it. Keeping blood sugar levels normal is a key point to having energy and feeling good. This product did not compensate for that. I could not use this system more than a week. It did offer slight weight loss but the result of feeling terrible with no energy was not worth it.

One product that has been found to be very effective is the Acai diet. Acai is a berry that is found deep in the Brazilian rainforest and contains many anti-oxidant and metabolism accelerating vitamins. People taking the Acai berry and following the Official Acai Diet [http://www.officialacaidiet.com/index.php?id=Acai+Accelerates+Metabolism] have been found to burn calories much faster than those on the traditional American Diet.

Be very cautious when looking for the right weight loss plan. Find a plan that is tailored specifically to your needs. If you want to focus on weight loss through diet try Weight Watcher. If you want to try weight loss through exercise and getting in shape try Turbo Jam. For maximum results put both program together. The most important thing with any program is do what is comfortable.

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