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When embarking on any weight loss endeavor the most important aspect to people is losing weight rapidly. There are a lot of programs that advertise this very fact, but just how effective are they?

The so-called fast-track diets are just one of the many practices for losing weight, which is not all its made out to be. Scientific research has shown that the diet is only good while it lasts. Ironically, with rapid weight loss comes rapid weight gain. When you restrict your calories or carbs you may get some results, but you will eventually lose interest because you cannot sustain this diet program for the rest of your life and that means gaining the weight back, probably more.

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Most of what you lose with these rapid diets is water. This is not a good thing as your body can replenish water very easily resulting in no weight loss. Diets that advertise they can lose weight rapidly will only dehydrate your body, so save your money. The body can only lose two pounds of fat per week. This is a safe, healthy goal to follow.

Another product for losing weight fast is slimming soap. These soaps, which are reported to be made from Chinese herbs and seaweed, are said to work by emulsifying fats when taking your bath. These products will most likely make your skin soft and smooth, but to this date, there is no evidence that they actually work in helping you lose fat.

The newest gadgets are magnetic weight loss earrings. These supposedly suppress hunger and increase your metabolism, all which is suppose to give you rapid weight loss. Another benefit they claim is to speed up your healing process and reduce body pain. Not bad for a pair of earrings that look good too.

The way these earrings, supposedly, work is by balancing the magnetism in your body. By balancing your magnetism, you are suppose to garner the above effects. These would work on the same principle as the magnetic bracelet. There are some studies that show these earrings actually do work, but no medical journal data has yet been found. If rapid weight loss is what your after these, at least, won't do you any harm.

Always remember that if something sounds too good to be true it probably is. All the rapid weight loss products are, in reality, no substitute for good old-fashioned diet and exercise. Always remember your weight gain did not happen overnight, so don't expect to lose it overnight.


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