Weight Loss For Weddings - Read These Top Tips Today For Weight Loss For Weddings and Look Great!

Ok weight loss in time for weddings is a huge worry for women. However I'm going to teach you 5 top tips which you can start using right now! These will help you start shifting the pounds immediately.

Here are my top 5 tips for weight loss for weddings.

Weight Loss For Weddings -Tip 1

Don't eat salt!

Salt is sodium chloride and makes the body retain water. By doing this it makes you bloated with unwanted water and adds a surprising amount of weight through water which would normally be passed through the body naturally. Did you know that just one litre of water weights 1kg!? Cutting out salt in your diet can make you look great by getting rid of that bloated look as well as helping to shed excess pounds.

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Weight Loss For Weddings - Tip 2

Cardio! Cardio! Cardio!

So many women when wanting to lose weight say "I'm happy with this bit; but I need to get rid of these bits!" Too bad. Although you can do target specific exercises to help certain areas and tone up, if you really want the best results you need to be doing the exercises that make you sweat. These are the cardio ones. Cardio gets you sweating and that's when you will really start to burn fat! Don't worry about getting to skinny in those areas that are already fine. This won't happen. Your weight loss will always be in proportion since your body will use the fat sources which are most readily available as its source of energy.

Weight Loss For Weddings - Tip 3

Cold shower

This is a quick one but it's one of my favourites. Every day when you have a shower, for the last 15 seconds before you come out put the water as cold as you can possible take it. Let the water go all over your body for 15 to twenty seconds then come out and get dried as normal. What this does is puts your body into a super fat burning mode and helps you lose fat fast.

Weight Loss For Weddings - Tip 4

Don't Starve

Most people now know that the answer to losing weight is not to starve yourself. However it's so important it's worth mentioning again. When you slow down the amount you eat your body panics. This is a really simple way to explain it. What happens is your body doesn't know when your next meal is going to be and so goes into a kind of power saving mode. What this means is that your metabolism will slow down to save food and energy and so as a result you don't lose any weight.

Weight Loss For Weddings - Tip 5

Lastly eat smart!

If you think you shouldn't be eating it then you probably shouldn't be. Try to use a bit of common sense. The best example of this was a friend of mine who would happily sit and eat a bag of marshmallows and not think anything of it since she was on a low fat diet! This is insane. Yes they are low in fat however huge in sugar which in turn ends up as fat stores if you don't exercise enough to use it up. So like I said if it's too good to be true it is. Just try to be sensible eat good things like fruit, veg and meat.

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