Seven Places to Get Weight Loss Support

Weight loss support is a major factor in the success of many diet and exercise programs. Here are seven realistic places to get weight loss support.

1. Find a community that supports and encourages you to do your best. A community is essential to providing motivation when your motivation is wavering. A community spirit will often bring you back when you feel you have reached the precipice.

2. Family members. Your spouse, your kids, your parents, your siblings are your very best weight loss support. They are thrilled by your determination to shed pounds and the progress you've made so far. Turn to them for weight loss support. They will also have your best interest in mind to encourage you to continue losing weight.

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3. Websites. Websites with message boards, forums and other interactive media provide excellent weight-loss support. You can read about how other people handled specific situations. Use what worked and avoid what didn't. You may find a whole new group of friends.

4. Support groups. Many weight-loss programs offer weekly meetings to help members keep on track and to provide support. Sometimes, even a group of friends will form their own weight loss support group. It's a great time to socialize and to encourage each other in their efforts.

5. Try and deal with the underlying emotional reasons that maybe affecting you. If you don't look at why you are gaining weight, then finding a permanent solution is much more challenging.

6. Doctor. Your doctor is concerned about your overall good health and so he or she can offer very good weight-loss support as it relates to medical matters.

7. Your mirror. Simply looking in the mirror each day and seeing what progress you are making is great weight-loss support. Soon you will see your love-handles shrinking and your pants fitting looser. You may also notice your double chin starting to dissolve. Best of all you will see a new glow in your eyes and a new radiance on your cheeks as your body adjusts to a new healthier life style.

These seven places to find weight-loss support are readily available to most of us. A helping hand is very close by for all of your weight loss efforts.

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