Fat Weight Loss - Should You Really Listen to the Scale?

If you're currently on a diet program, there is one thing you want to really focus on, and that's fat weight loss.

There's no doubt that you're likely monitoring the scale very closely while on your weight loss diet, but one thing that scale won't tell you is whether or not you're experiencing a fat weight loss, or if you're losing a combination of fat and muscle tissue.

While it can be very encouraging to see that scale moving downwards, if it's not moving downwards because of fat weight loss, that's a big problem.

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Initial Weight Loss on a Diet Plan

Typically when you first start up on a diet program you will experience some initial weight loss, which many dieter's get very excited about.

What's important to realize though is that this initial weight loss is often a combination of fat, water, and muscle glycogen, so it's not pure fat loss at all.

Instead, it's rapid weight loss that occurs more due to the fact that you're making these changes in your diet and the body is responding.

This isn't a bad thing at all though, don't get confused. It just means that you need to realize that weight loss is not going not going to continue on at that rate all the time.

Muscle Mass Loss

Next, is muscle mass loss. This is what you really want to avoid while dieting because it is what is going to slow the metabolism and make it harder for you to keep that weight off for good into the future.

Ideally you should aim to lose no more than 1-2 pounds a week, as this will ensure that you are actually getting just fat weight loss, and no muscle tissue is lost in the process.

When you lose muscle mass, you may start to appear lighter on the scale, but your body will start to look soft and more 'jiggly', due to the fact that there isn't that dense muscle tissue present.

So, be sure you're not just using the scale to judge your progress on your diet program. Instead, you want to go by how you look and if you can, get a body fat percentage reading. That is what will determine whether in fact you are actually experiencing fat weight loss.

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