Quick Weight Loss Tips 3 Things You Should Know

If you are like most people, you want to have a great body for several good reasons. But achieving that great body look is not a reality for most. Did you know that you can cut at least 200 or more calories out of your current diet? Most people don't even realize how much actual calories they intake or burn each and every day. Did you know your body has a minimum and maximum calorie intake per day? And lastly how many calories do you burn off a day? If you are not a fitness professional, you probably will never know until you had a very serious health problem. Did you know being overweight can cause serious health problems? You do now! I hope I did not hurt anyone's feelings but I was once in your shoes and it almost caused my death.

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Quick Weight Loss Tips #1: I'm not saying to stop eating, I'm telling you that you need to eat smarter for fast weight loss. You can cut 200 or more calories by turning empty calories aka junk food such as chips, fast food, soda and most of those unhealthy snacks. I know what you are going to say, I can't do that! I am not going to tell you to become a health nut, just eat smarter. And replacing these snacks with healthier replacements with something that has nutritional value.

Quick Weight Loss Tips#2: In order to have fast weight loss, you need to create a calorie deficit in your diet. Lets say you consume 3000 calories per day and you are maintaining your weight. For quick weight loss to occur you must create a calorie deficit of no more than 250-300 calories per day and exercise.

Quick Weight Loss Tips #3: A great type of exercise for burning calories and losing weight is cardio also known as aerobic exercise. You should workout at least 3 to 4 times per week for at least 15-25 minutes a session. There are different types of exercise techniques such as belly dancing, walking, jogging and more burns calories and speeds up your metabolism; which is needed for fast weight loss.

You should not be losing more than a few pounds per week, as this can result in an eating disorder. And you should always talk to your doctor first before using any weight loss diet tips or exercise. If you are overweight to severely overweight you need to take charge of your life and not let this disease ruin it forever. I was once very overweight and I used these weight loss diet tips that changed my life for the better!

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