Prescription Drug For Weight Loss?

People suffering from obesity and overweight problems resort to prescription drugs to treat their condition. It is important to understand how prescription drugs or over the counter medication work to bring about a weight loss.

It is well acknowledged fact that the only way that all weight loss drugs (prescription drugs) work is by controlling the appetite. In other words, by starving your body of the necessary calories, you bring about a weight loss. Unfortunately, this is not the right method to approach getting fit and losing weight.

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To bring about a loss in weight, the right approach is to work with the body's nature and not against. Our body has a metabolism rate which determines how much calories are burnt in an instant. The main focus of the weight loss program should be aimed at increasing this metabolism rate so that the body works overtime burning the excess fat even when you are not actively exercising.

Prescription drugs are meant to starve the body of the required calories and hence go into a starvation mode. When you are in starvation mode, the brain instructs the body to stop the metabolism so as to conserve the FAT deposits in an effort to conserve the fat for future usage. This very badly hurts the fat burning capacity of the body in future and hence, it is common to find people putting on extra pounds and flab when they quit their prescription medication for weight loss.

Further, the weight loss brought about by this method is loss of weight due to loss of water weight and not fat as your body will always conserve fat during lean times of insufficient calories as a survival mechanism.

The right method of weight loss should look at stripping off of the deposited fat content in the body. Only loss of fat will bring about a permanent weight loss. Just like how it took time to build those fat deposits, it will take time to remove, but following the right techniques, you can greatly accelerate the process so that you can see consistent permanent loss of fat and extra inches every week.

For this to happen you need to choose the right weight loss program that focuses on removing the fat by taking the right diet in right intervals of time. Taking right foods at right intervals will boost the body's metabolism and bring about fat burning. Exercise also boosts the metabolism and burns the fat and it is important to make a simple exercise routine a part of your daily schedule.

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